Three Fires Strike Throughout Richland County


August 4, 2016


Emergency crews throughout Richland County have been kept very busy this morning as fire departments responded to three separate fires.  The first call came in at 3:30 this morning.  The Dwight Fire Department responded to a fire at the Cargill plant in north Wahpeton.  Multiple explosions inside the dryer were reported.  No injuries and a damage estimate is not available.

In a separate incident, a hay barn caught fire in northern Richland County, the Leonard Fire Department responded to that blaze.

The Mooreton Fire Department along with fire departments from Dwight, Barney, Great Bend, and Wahpeton were on the scene of a house fire in the community of Mooreton early this morning.  The house located in the south eastern part of town is engulfed in flames.  The home’s owner, Jeanette Breuer, smelled what she thought were shingles burning.  A passerby notified her of the fire and helped her and a family member get out of her home.  Richland County Emergency Management Director, Brett Lambrecht, tells KBMW NEWS, the home has sustained major damage.  This is a difficult time for the Breuer family. In addition to suffering the loss of her home, Jeanette’s daughter’s funeral is scheduled for today. The Red Cross is on the scene and assisting.  

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