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Lasko multi-room console humidifier, covers up to 3200 square feet

2014 Polaris 800 RZR, 3500 miles, good condition
701-640-3044, call or text




Dakota Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Care Tip:
Remove ice and snow from your pet’s paws and coat at once.  Frostbitten skin may turn reddish, white or gray, and it may be scaly or sloughing.  If you suspect frostbite, take your pet to a warm place immediately.  Thaw out frostbitten areas slowly by applying warm moist towels that are changed frequently.  Continue until the affected areas become flushed.

DAKOTA VETERINARY POUND LIST: (You can currently see what’s in the pound on Richland Wilkin County Animal Pounds Facebook page).

  1. Grey and white domestic shorthair cat found on 1st S in Wahpeton
  2. Female calico shorthair cat found on Wheatland Drive in Wahpeton
  3. Male orange kitten about 3 months old found in Wahpeton
  4. Grey cat found in Wahpeton on 8th Ave N
  5. Black cat found by Vision Ford in Wahpeton
  6. Grey cat found on 1st S in Wahpeton
  7. Found in Hankinson is a male black and white shorthair cat
  8. Shorthair tiger stripe cat found on 1st S in Wahpeton

Richland Wilkin County Humane Society has animals available for adoption and are currently looking for Foster Homes. Find the pets available for adoption on petfinder.com