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Swap Shop for Monday, August 24

size 8 girls clothes


blue/yellow medium height iris & short yellow iris plants
box of small fabric pieces, good for scrap quilting & bag of flannel pieces

Dakota Veterinary Hospital’s Pet Care Tip:
Any pet can suffer from heat stress or heat stroke. To help keep your pet healthy and safe by following these simple tips: Provide plenty of clean, fresh water for your pets at all times, provide adequate ventilation/air circulation when pets are kept in kennels or pens, provide shade cover when pets are outdoors, avoid excessive exercise of pets during hot weather and never leave pets in a parked vehicle.

DAKOTA VETERINARY POUND LIST: (You can currently see what’s in the pound on Richland-Wilkin County Animal Pounds Facebook page).

  1. Found in South Wahpeton is a domestic medium hair feline tiger gray and brown cat wearing a purple collar.

Dakota Veterinary Hospital reminds you to call when bringing in an animal. They will come out to your car to pick up the animal. Call 642-9277 when you arrive.

Richland Wilkin County Humane Society has animals available for adoption and are currently looking for Foster Homes. Find the pets available for adoption on petfinder.com